Personal Protection

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Your home reflects who you are - and how hard you have worked to create personal, financial security for yourself and your family. Choosing the right insurance is critical, but doesn't have to be difficult. Our insurance professionals can help you select coverage from carriers with personalized service and superior ratings for paying claims.

Your home is many things: sanctuary, playground, social center. It's also probably your single largest financial investment. Protect this valued asset with coverage tailored to your needs.

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Condominium Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Personal and premises Liability
  • Excess Liability (Umbrella Coverage)
  • Personal Articles Schedules (inland Marine Policy)
  • Watercraft & Personal Watercraft Coverage
  • Recreational Vehicle

You can find the insurance protection you need for all your vehicles - even your boat or plane - under one roof. Let our insurance professionals help you select policies from carriers with superior ratings for paying claims and excellent track records for prompt, courteous claims service.

Automobile Insurance:

Everyone needs car insurance. It's the law. But not everyone needs exactly the same coverage. We can help you get the right policy and good value for your premium dollar.

  • Select collision and comprehensive coverage appropriate for your type of vehicle and driving conditions.
  • For added protection against loss from liability claims, you can often purchase more coverage than state law requires.
  • Many Carriers offer extra services; Roadside assistance, rental cars, windshield repair.
  • Choosing a high deductible can help reduce your premium cost
  • Several discounts are available - good driver, safety devices, anti-theft devices, multiple policies.

Boat Insurance:

Whether you own a speedboat or a yacht, you face risks not covered in your other policies. Boat policies cover your watercraft and give you liability protection.

  • Policies cover damage to or destruction of craft through such perils as sinking, fire and theft.
  • Additional features may include extended towing coverage, repairs, attached equipment or trailers.
  • You can cover other risk related to your specific craft, such as medical expenses for water skiers or launch damage.
  • Coverage is also available if you travel into international waters.

Aircraft Insurance:

Appropriate coverage for your aircraft - and the financial responsibility that comes with it - is customized in accordance with:

  • Type of aircraft you own.
  • How the aircraft is used
  • Your flight experience